« It's quite a journey, a real exploration, an experience to be lived by listening to the whole of his first CD, very well constructed in dialogue with Bach's music. »

Corinne Schneider "Le Bach du dimanche" 


"Joanna Goodale's playing is above all natural and, imbued with genuine research, blossoms with freedom and spontaneity"

Dominique Weber, Piano teacher at the Geneva University of Music (HEM)

" What a talent! "

Menahem Pressler, international pianist

“Joanna Goodale is without a doubt a unique artist who should be followed closely. To a playing that is at the same time extremely sensitive and very articulate is added a rare sensitivity that the young pianist puts at the service of a passionate and stimulating musical curiosity ”

Jean-Marie Blanchard, Former Director of the Grand Théâtre de Genève, the Opéra de Nancy and Lorraine

“From Joanna Goodale, we can really say that 'value does not wait for the number of years'! She is incredibly talented [...]   She plays Bach like a primordial and intimate language and she builds musical bridges with the Sufi East which, under her fairy fingers, become melodic and spiritual evidences. Magnificent! "


Leili Anvar, journalist for Le Monde des Religions, lecturer in Persian literature.


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RTBF Musiq3 - Puisque vous avez du talent - March 22, 2020

" Music is looking deep within yourself, for something to offer to the world "

Interview (70 minutes) listen to the broadcast (in French)

RTS Espace 2 - Versus-Listen - June 24, 2019

"Joanna Goodale, her musical influences"

Interview (60 minutes) listen to the broadcast (in French)

FRANCE MUSIQUE - Le Bach du Dimanche - June 16, 2019

Release of the CD "Bach in a Circle" (Label Paraty) listen to the broadcast (in French)

RTS Espace 2 - Magnétique - May 22, 2019

" Bach in a Circle, new album by Joanna Goodale"

Interview (60 minutes) listen to the broadcast (in French)

RTS Espace 2 - Versus-Listen - February 05, 2019

"From Bach to Rumi, Joanna Goodale's musical quest"

Interview and live piano (60 minutes) listen to the broadcast (in French)

RTS Espace 2 - Anticyclone - August 9, 2018

"Joanna Goodale at the Aubes musicales des Bains des Pâquis"

Interview (4 minutes) listen to the broadcast (in French)

RTS Espace 2 - Versus-Listen - May 12, 2017

" " Piano improvisation "Bach & Gurdjieff

Interview and live piano (60 minutes) listen to the broadcast (in French)


RSI1 - National News 8 p.m. - August 17, 2018

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17/08/18 Excerpts from the outdoor concert of Festival "Les Aubes Musicales" in Geneva.



Pianonews Magazine (DE) nov-dec 2019

"... This sonic journey is all the stronger when Joanna Goodale's arrangements of Sufi music directly follow her interpretations of Bach or when she interweaves Sufi-type meditations with the music of Bach in her own works (as in "Balkan Bach"). In fact, it becomes audible how similar spiritual forces are - and therefore universal .... "

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

"... This journey is strongest when adaptations of Joanna Goodale's Sufi-music follow directly on her Bach interpretation or when she weaves her own Sufi-like meditations with Bach music (as in" Balkan Bach "). In fact, it becomes audible how similar the spiritual forces are - and thus universal .... "


TRAJECTOIRE magazine (CH) 24. 06.19

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Interview in LE COURRIER MAG ( web version here ) 23.05.19

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Article 2.png


Article in MUSICALIFEITEN (Netherlands)  17. 07. 19

by Jan de Kruijff

(original in Dutch)

"[...] The Swiss pianist with a Anglo-Turkish background [...] takes the view that music can transcend boundaries and approach the sublime [...] At the very least, the experiment is unique and interesting, and it is obvious that Joanna Goodale can improvise and play the piano very well. "

Interview in GANGFLOW (France)  5.07.19

by Anne-Sandrine Di Girolamo

"Bach in a Circle: unusual encounter with Sufi music"

“[...] Bach in a Circle is a disc imbued with creativity and a disarming ability to bring together two very distant musical cultures. Joanna Goodale, an irreverent young talent of the piano, manages to enchant an ever-growing audience. "

Article in Site OVERGROWN PATH (UK)  04. 07. 19

by Bob Shingleton


Article: "From Persia with Love"

“[...] All too often this kind of project is more Bach / Sufi collision than Bach / Sufi fusion. But Joanna's classical training [...] means it is often difficult to tell where Bach ends and Goodale begins, which is high praise indeed. "

MY BIG GENEVA article 04.10.19

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Article in MY BIG GENEVA 06.06.18

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“Carried by the very essence of music, this brilliant pianist conceived her last opus, Bach Kosmos, according to the model of the ellipse, putting in relation a choice of scores which she has available in a dynamic movement of which she occupies the center "

François Passard, Director of the L'ABRI Foundation, Geneva 01.09.2017


“The act of creation is a round, an infinite cycle that engages in the work of composers of the past as well as the present. The church echoes this evening with the happy notes of a pianist who composes. It is inspired by the great Jean Sébastien Bach and the Mediterranean worlds. A silent and attentive listening caught the assistance very quickly seduced by this young and beautiful artist who explains to us with simplicity and precision her work made of excellence and sharing ...

A hypnotic ballet of perpetual circles embraces us. A light dance takes our minds into a radiant wandering ...

Joanna's country is made of serenity, purity and an authenticity that knows how to touch us deeply. ”

Musical Season of Laboule, Ardèche 24.06.2017


At the microphone of "Versus-Listening", the young pianist talks about her career, of course, and we discover her personality that we imagine strong and sensitive, in all frankness, sitting at the Bösendorfer piano of the studio for three pieces interpreted, presented , shared, between Bach and his own improvisation work.

How is a melody born under the fingers, adorned with the moment and blossomed in spontaneity? Eternal questions and answers always personal, intimate. Joanna Goodale seems to cultivate naturalness and openness; it's up to us to discover it and let it lead us into its modest and confident universe.

Jean-Luc Rieder, Espace 2 / Radio Télévision Suisse, Lausanne 12.05.2017



“Rare moment, breath held back, captive audience, spellbound at the first bar. Joanna put together a perfect intelligence program.  The concert begins with Frédéric Chopin's Mazurkas [...] which she presents with a finesse imbued with nostalgia. The tone is set for this concert where Joanna continues with a breathtaking improvisation that she continues with the noble and sentimental Waltzes of Maurice Ravel which she releases all the disturbing expressiveness ... "

L'ABRI Foundation, Geneva 03.06.2016


“... pianist Joanna Goodale's concert sold out on Sunday afternoon at the Cziffra Auditorium. It was a musical journey through the dance proposed by the pianist, with three Mazurkas by Chopin then the Valses nobles et sentimentales by Ravel. Before ending with two Mazurkas by Scriabin, Gurdjieff's mystical dances, collected during his travels in the East, captivated the audience ... "

Newspaper La Montagne, La Chaise-Dieu 21.05.2016


“Menahem Pressler told us: Attention talent!

The enchanting program consisting of the French Suite n. 3 BWV 814 by Bach, from the Sonata op. 90 n. 27 by Beethoven, from the Three Intermezzi op. 117 de Brahms plunged the audience into meditative listening ... "

L'ABRI Foundation, Geneva 30.05.2015